Ellicott Creek Park stone building
Ellicott Creek Park - now that's a loo!

Ellicott Creek Park

This suburban park has multiple sheltered areas for larger groups, each with a bbq grate and picnic tables, and there are unsheltered picnic benches scattered throughout the park. Shelters can be reserved on the website here.  There are two clean-enough indoor bathrooms which are closed overnight.  The park crew works weekdays and they’re sweet folks; I’m not sure about weekends. I have parked and spent the day working in this park about a half dozen days and have had no issues.  Several people have approached me asking about van life, but I have never gotten any negative vibes or feedback.  The park is charming, with old stone buildings and groomed areas.  There is a walking path along the river, and a pedestrian bridge that leads to the adjacent neighborhood.  If you’re an ultimate Frisbee fan, there’s a course that ranges through the whole park, and there’s an exercise area and kids play area.